Greenwood Faire Game Credits

Game Design and Programming
David Wyand

~~~~~ 3D Modeling ~~~~~

Architectural and Props
Arteria 3D

Character Models
Cubix Studio

Instruments and Table Games
David Wyand

Sea Wall, Barrels and Crates
Todd Pickens

Really Really Good Things Studio

Tavern Tables and Chairs
Tarakibu Studio

Watch Tower
Christian B., Dejan and Frank

Terrain Textures
Tim Aste

Miscellaneous Textures

Nearly all content packs' models have been customized by David Wyand (LOD, remodeling, etc.)

~~~~~ Sound ~~~~~

Instrument Samples
David Wyand

Church Bell
Sound Ideas

Table Game Sounds
Sound Rangers

~~~~~ Technology ~~~~~

Torque 3D Game Engine

FMOD Sound Library
Firelight Technologies

~~~~~ Special Thanks ~~~~~

TorquePowered Associates

Steve Madill

Logan Foster